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You can also find cards that deal with accounting statements, money and jobs involving financial management. Information Technology in Business Flashcards Use these flashcards to review the ways businesses use social media and the Internet. You can also go over the uses of a management information system, uses of technology in business and business intelligence. Additionally, you’ll be able to focus on social responsibility in business and business ethics.

  • Additionally, you’ll be able to focus on types of market segmentation and factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Health checks help verify service integrity and are often done using an HTTP endpoint.
  • This repo is an organized collection of resources to help you learn how to build systems at scale.
  • A reverse proxy is a web server that centralizes internal services and provides unified interfaces to the public.
  • Strong consistency works well in systems that need transactions.
  • Accessing a DNS server introduces a slight delay, although mitigated by caching described above.

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Company architectures

Availability is generally measured in number of 9s–a service with 99.99% availability is described as having four 9s. If the servers are public-facing, the DNS would need to know about the public IPs of both servers. If the servers are internal-facing, application logic would need to know about both servers. With active-passive fail-over, heartbeats are sent between the active and the passive server on standby. If the heartbeat is interrupted, the passive server takes over the active’s IP address and resumes service. Networks aren’t reliable, so you’ll need to support partition tolerance.

  • You’ll also be able to focus on PERT analysis and channel intermediaries.
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  • A report detailing how a business sets out to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • The procedure is coded as if it were a local procedure call, abstracting away the details of how to communicate with the server from the client program.
  • Instant digital download available for this comprehensive suite of assessment resources for AQA A-Level Business.
  • If you have a performance problem, your system is slow for a single user.

For mobile applications operating in variable network conditions, these multiple roundtrips are highly undesirable. For example, a set of power users on a shard could result in increased load to that shard compared to others.Rebalancing adds additional complexity. A sharding function based on consistent hashing can reduce the amount of transferred data. Layer 4 load balancers look at info at the transport layer to decide how to distribute requests. Generally, this involves the source, destination IP addresses, and ports in the header, but not the contents of the packet. Layer 4 load balancers forward network packets to and from the upstream server, performing Network Address Translation .

Intro to Business

They can also help by doing Intro To Business Flashcards-consuming work in advance, such as periodic aggregation of data. Most data written might never be read, which can be minimized with a TTL. Document stores provide high flexibility and are often used for working with occasionally changing data.

  • In some cases, the query cache could lead to performance issues.
  • Note, many key-value stores include features for working with a value’s metadata, blurring the lines between these two storage types.
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  • Need to maintain consistency between caches and the source of truth such as the database through cache invalidation.

The master serves reads and writes, replicating writes to one or more slaves, which serve only reads. Slaves can also replicate to additional slaves in a tree-like fashion. If the master goes offline, the system can continue to operate in read-only mode until a slave is promoted to a master or a new master is provisioned.

Layer 7 load balancing

You’ll sometimes be asked to do ‘back-of-the-envelope’ estimates. For example, you might need to determine how long it will take to generate 100 image thumbnails from disk or how much memory a data structure will take. The Powers of two table and Latency numbers every programmer should know are handy references. In an RPC, a client causes a procedure to execute on a different address space, usually a remote server. The procedure is coded as if it were a local procedure call, abstracting away the details of how to communicate with the server from the client program.


You can also review the skills used by entrepreneurs and brush up on different forms of business ownership. Open a flashcard set for the business topic you’re studying. You might not be able to leverage existing technologies out of the box. For example, it might require additional effort to ensure RPC calls are properly cached on caching servers such as Squid. TCP is useful for applications that require high reliability but are less time critical.